Admissions open for 2018-2019

A schools campus is identifying parameter of a Schools capabilities, in the minds of parents and students, larger campuses holds opportunities to bigger and better indoor and outdoor facilities. Paramount School in Bangalore at Aduri is laid over a wide area of coverage enough to let the imaginations and creativity loosens itself in the environment. Our campuses are dwelled by many other living selves such as Trees, Birds, Horses and other stock of dwellers helping the Children’s to live and learn in the ecosystem with harmony.

Every building is designed to mark classrooms that are easily accessible by different age groups of students with ease. The Different blocks of department help identify each stream by its nature of subject and also to customize specific setup based on the subject.


Library is a place of fun, fiction, theory, analogy and many more variants of learning through prints. PARAMOUNT SCHOOL holds an appreciable collection 10000+ books exclusively stocked for children’s of varied interests. Apart from just Printed books for lending, our database of educational Media files is huge to its availability. PARAMOUNT SCHOOL Library is completely monitored and governed with knowledgeable staffs equipped with experience and tools to make easier transactions of membership activities.




The world today sees every piece of land as an opportunity for real estate growth and especially in a country like India every feet of land is counted for its monetary values, forgetting the craving many feats on Indian children’s wanting to get the pleasure of playing in a ground. PARAMOUNT SCHOOL keeps its values stern in terms of providing students with ample spaced grounds for their physical and extracurricular needs.




Watching the Greens with colorful patterns of flowers all around, there can be nothing as soothing as a garden full of vegetation with chirping birds and nutty squirrels. PARAMOUNT SCHOOL has invested in these natural returns without any second thought facilitating the students and allowing them to learn and live with the natural beings that we have chosen to ignore in the city lives. Lush Green gardens are a necessity in the mental stress relieving options for every age group.




With intent to promote water sports and other water fun related activities, PARAMOUNT SCHOOL has a well equipped swimming pool that is maintained above the prescribed limits of hygiene. Our School Swimming pools are governed and maintained by swimming staffs with good amount of experience in teaching swimming to students. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that the safety of your child remains as our priority.




Classrooms have a unique nostalgia attached to it that cannot be replaced with any other corners of our lives. With Information, Knowledge, Gossip, Friendship and lots others involved Classrooms play an important role in shaping the minds of the students to grasp maximum attention. Our Classrooms at PARAMOUNT SCHOOL are well equipped with Digital Boards, Good and Comfortable Quality furniture’s and Racks to allow student to be placed comfortably.