Admissions open for 2018-2019

Paramount School as an institution has been crafted on the principles of healthy and needed frame of education and a Childs growth. Your Child as he/she grows faces the progressive, social and materialistically networked world whose challenges are not chaptered in the regular curriculum of our educational system. We are an institution that strongly believes in the fundamentals of learning in the most effective and understandable manner.

Paramount School does not grade students on their IQ levels, our education curriculum is well equipped to stream the mind of your child towards rightful and innate form of education throughout his/her study at our school. Enroll your Child at our school and the evidence to your child’s knowledgeable upbringing will reveal outstandingly from the child’s growth.


For Parents intending to enroll their Children’s to our Schools through our online portal for registration purpose, please visit our website at and furnish the details as expected. For any queries or difficulties while your submission online we will be glad to assist you through the process at every stage.


For registration to Paramount Schools, we provide the following options at your discretion

Apply Online: Please click here to access the online Application form.

Visit Our School: Our Admission faculty at Paramount School will be glad to help you through the admission process. Please do take time to visit our school.

Mail Us: For any queries related to Admission at Paramount schools, please feel free to write in your queries at the following email address

Snail Mail: If you wish to submit the application by post, please download the application form from the following link and enter appropriate details. You can send us the completely filled application form to our Address.


Paramount as an Educational facilitator believes strongly in the notion that Every Child has the right to education and we intend to provide quality education unbiased by socio economic norms. As per the norms laid out by the Education ministry of India, following are the Eligibility criteria for students to enroll into Paramount International School.

Grade Eligibility Criteria

LKG 5-10 years

1- 10th standard Based on Academic clearance of previous year