Admissions open for 2018-2019

The School world is a training ground to the real world, most of what we learn in a school becomes the foundations to what we practice in reality. With Scholastic education eventually categorizing the industries of outside world it becomes an advantage if students are guided by industry speakers who have efficiently conducted their careers in the various industries. Industry experts are invited on behalf of PARAMOUNT SCHOOL to deliver Speeches on their experiences and how a student could benefit from their real life experiences. Paramount’s team of Seminar and Lecture organizers hunt for eminent personalities in different facets of careers and request them to conduct lectures at PARAMOUNT SCHOOL in benefit of the students intending to pursue their industries or as a mere awareness.


Our Faculty has been the pillar to our success story so far, with dedicated and experienced individuals in our forte of teachers. We have come a long way in realizing our ideologies for the best form of imparting education to our students. In a view to thank our teachers, this page is dedicated to showcase their achievements at Paramount Public School.