Admissions open for 2018-2019


Education is an honored medium to exposure of Knowledge, Talent and Ambitions. Every individual is naturally designed to excel in certain areas of his/her interest, and Education in the formative years of an individual plays an essential ingredient to his/her success in life. Providing quality education that is strategized to cultivate a free flowing mind which explores possibilities wheeled by innate and innovative ways is the objective of Paramount School.

Paramount’s founders have been at the forefront of providing meaningful education to Students since the last 30 years of its inception in this edifying sector. Our approach towards the student’s educational mould is directed in helping him/her understand the need for experimentation and innovation towards building a better and advanced society.

Our Schools and Curriculum are intended to reach out to the needs of advancing world with due respects and adherence to the natural instincts of learning. Every Chapter that is chalked by our teachers is clearly purposed for a better understanding than mere awareness. Facilities at our Schools are provisioned to enhance its purpose by ensuring that the setup caters to all variants of students and prescriptions.

We at Paramount give prominence to all extracurricular activities just giving it the right time and space as the regular academics do. We are constructively building programs and competitions that are a blend of traditional hobbies and provide them with an edge that is sharpened to help bring out the innovative side of your child.

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drawing
  • Martial Arts
  • Skating
  • Swimming
  • Creative Writing
  • Free thoughts building through Workshop mixtures