Admissions open for 2018-2019

In the midst of natural greens, playing in the most freed grounds, learning with the advanced formats of technology, Education from the Play school up to Class XII in Paramount School has been appreciated even by its competitors. Children remain as Children’s in our campuses learning through the most innate of teaching methods.

Our Facilities are built exclusively for students to explore their interests and inhibitions towards a positive frame of growth. With constant supervision throughout the students scholastic stay with Paramount, Students tend to draw awareness and caution towards their performance growth and in turn responsibly turn to better their grades.

Our Teaching Staff and other faculty members provide ample advice and suggestions to students for a prospectus growth. Paramount School welcomes every parent and their Child to visit and feel the warmth of Paramount’s care.

Every Academic year brings in a whole boutique of events and competitions that are thrown open to our students providing them with a platform to showcase and bring out their natural instincts in the educational cruise.

We enable students to take part in various indoor and outdoor events conducted by PARAMOUNT SCHOOL or other Institutions with careful research over the intent and the good effects of students who would participate in it. Such programs include

  • Experience business over Food/Artifacts selling at the school premises
  • Planting Trees in the city
  • Seminar over Political, social, Educational, Technical, business Topics
  • Public Speaking on different matters
  • Physical education and Fitness awareness
  • Importance of knowing Computers and Computing skills
  • Cultural fests Organizing and Participation
  • Understanding history through Plays and Dramas
  • Appreciating human behavior and Socializing factors